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Kangala Rescue

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Kangala Rescue

Kangala Rescue

Kangala wildlife rescue started after the Kangaroo Island bushfires here in Australia, when half of our island was distroyed. My family were one of the wildlife rescues teams that went into the fire grounds and started rescuing any animals we could find. We rescued 148 koala and a total of over 200 animals all together, we worked 12 hr days for three months straight and had 7 kangaroo joeys and other animals that had no where to go, so we started Kangala. We now have over 30 animals in our care, with new animals coming in all the time. We are now a place other carers can bring there handraised Joey to live out their days in safety. This is a life long job and we don’t get any government support, everything we do come for the kindness of strangers.


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Kangala Rescue

Kangala Rescue

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