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for Kids Saving The Rainforest
Kids Saving The Rainforest

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Kids Saving The Rainforest

Kids Saving The Rainforest

Kids Saving the Rainforest (KSTR) is a nonprofit protecting the Costa Rican rainforest and wildlife. They have a wildlife sanctuary for unreleasable animals. They also have projects in education, research, reforestation and wildlife bridges and have a volunteer program. Normally, they run a rescue center to treat & rehabilitate injured or displaced animals and release them back to the wild...but due to lack of funds, need help with donations to get back to saving more animals in need.


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All you need to do is simply follow store link at the most top and shop as usually and roughly 4-9% will go the fundraiser. No price change. We're not associated with eBay and just using the eBay Partner Network.

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Kids Saving The Rainforest

Kids Saving The Rainforest

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Would you like to shop and save precious fur babies at the same time? It is so easy to do with Linth. Just click the link, login to your EBay account, and shop! I use this for all of my purchases and love it!!